Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mercredi: Happy Hallowe'en!

No time for a "real" post today but that's no reason at all not to wish you all a Happy Hallowe'en with a bewitching witch by the talented Jay Scott Pike. I hope you all enjoy a frightfully good holiday evening! A bientot ~

Header: Be Witching by Jay Scott Pike via American Gallery


Timmy! said...

Happy Hallowe'en/Samhain to you and all your followers, Pauline!

That cedrtainly is a bewitching witch too...


Charles L. Wallace said...

What Timmy said!

Aye, she cedrtainly IS ;-)

Blue Lou Logan said...

Sexy witches: lots of fun, great to chat with, powerful lovers, deeply rooted...and then they'll kick ya out after 6 mo's cuz you're not the one.

Two full years in my life sez I! (no regrets). I'd play that game again. Clandestine rendevouses taken several levels beyond.