Friday, June 24, 2011

Vendredi: Ten of Spades

If I’m honest, I’d say that I’m happy to be close to wrapping up the Suit of Spades.  The majority of this Suit are cards of hard lessons, if not out and out tragedy.  Meditating on and then talking about them can start to wear on your psyche.  Today’s card is unfortunately no different.

The Ten of Spades is sometimes referred to as the jail time card.  Depending upon the issues facing your querent, this card can indicate a period of incarceration in their near future.  This may not necessarily mean prison.  Perhaps they are stuck in a bad situation that makes them feel trapped.  You will need to determine what is going on based on your conversations with the querent and the cards that lie in front of you.

The silver lining with the Ten of Spades is that its forecast is for the short term.  That jail time or that bad situation are only temporary.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Regardless of how bad things look, you must stress this happy ending to the person you are reading for.

Another possibility with this card is that your querent is in fact quite well off and complacent, with no immediate worries.  In this case their problem may very well be miserliness, not only of their money but of their time and concern.  This card is a wake up call to share their wealth; give to charity, volunteer, run for office, do something to give back.  This person may be even more difficult to get through to than the guy with the court date pending but keep trying.  The benefits not only to your querent but to his or her community will be legion.  Vendredi heureux ~

Header: Reading the Cards by Harry Herman Roseland c 1903


Timmy! said...

I think you're right, Pauline. I'd rather face a short term incarceration or bad stretch than be a miser.

Pauline said...

I have to agree with you.