Saturday, June 18, 2011

Samedi: The Hoodoo Garden

I've had a couple of folks online and a couple more in “real life” ask me about the herbs, trees and flowers I would suggest for starting a hoodoo-friendly garden.  This has been over the course of the last month and I’ve thought about it very carefully.  As my daughter and I were putting the finishing touches on our own garden shopping list, I thought I’d turn the idea into a post.

I’m not much of a gardener myself, sorry to say, so I tend to rely on authorities who know better than I what will grow in my far northern climate.  Fortunately Lewis Hill wrote Cold Climate Gardening in 1981 and ever since our move to Alaska in 2000 I have relied on his sage, Canadian advice.  Then, too, my daughter could grow a noble fir in the Mojave so I’m lucky in my gardening partner.

So here is my list of “must haves” for a hoodoo garden far from hoodoo country.  No poke or lemon, but plenty of wonderful plants that can be helpful all year round.

Apple: if you can at all have an apple tree somewhere on your property.  Even those first few years when the apples aren’t much to speak of, the tree will keep relations at your home sweet and ward off bad vibrations.  Never forget to offer some spiced apple juice or cider to your tree on the Winter Solstice in the tradition of wassailing.

Catnip: even if you don’t have cats, this herb can be amazingly helpful for women (and gay men) as a love herb to draw men to you. 

Comfrey: the leaves of this plant are not only good in salads but great for money spells.  The flowers are a reasonable substitute for borage, which is harder to grow in cool climates.  Use them in workings for courage and relief of depression.

Horehound: an easy to grow and wonderfully versatile herb for protection.

Lavender: an all around love herb that will also sweeten your home and your laundry.  The plant attracts bumble bees, who will pollinate your garden at no extra charge.

Lemon grass: a delicious addition to many Asian dishes, this easy-to-grow grass is great for house cleaning and is an aphrodisiac.  Just as an aside, dogs love to eat it to settle their stomachs.

Marigold: plant these golden flowers in front of your house in tubs or window boxes to draw in money.  Dry them at the end of the season and sprinkle in your wallet to keep and grow the wealth you already have.

Mint: all mints are lucky, purifying and fantastic at breaking jinxes.  They also, much like marigold, protect the money you have.  Pennyroyal, which is in the mint family, can be used as a ground cover and insect repellant while also helping crossed conditions in relationships (particularly marriage).

Rosemary: will grow just about anywhere, although it likes direct sun best.  Its uses are endless from beauty treatments to breaking jinxes to finding love to encouraging psychic dreams.

Sage: this hearty herb is not only delicious with poultry but will also bring wisdom and impart fortitude to women.

Wormwood: helps to repel insects from your garden and, when dried and carried in your car, will protect you from accidents and carjacking.

Most of these plants are perennial in cold climates as long as they are mulched in before the first frost, marigold excepted.  Your apple trees, if they are selected for your climate area, will be hearty regardless.  Bonne chance ~

Header: Conversation with the Gardener by Auguste Renoir


Timmy! said...

Our apple trees have done very well ever since we got rid of the water softener, Pauline...

And if you grow your own wormwood, you can make your own absinthe, right?

Pauline said...

Yes and hell yes! Isn't gardening fun?