Saturday, April 16, 2011

Samedi: More on Prayer to St. Expedite

Now that I’ve been posting here for six months, I’ve found that the posts with prayers to and information about the dear St. Expedite are consistently popular with visitors to HQ.  Now I’m keeping an eye out and an ear to the ground for new entreaties and new information to and about this intriguing Saint-that-never-was-and-yet-is.

Recently, while reading The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook by Denise Alvarado, I came across Ms. Alvarado’s version of a petition to St. Expedite.  I have not seen this one before but, it goes without saying, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t been around for awhile.  The book focuses on New Orleans Voodoo – rather than Haitian Voudon –and as we’ve discussed before St. Expedite is there frequently associated with the lwa of NOLA, Baron Samedi.  This prayer is unique to the others I have posted as it gives you an opportunity to add your request at the end, which gives it a charming “homemade” flavor.  From the book:

Oh, Glorious Martyr and Protector Saint Expedito!  We humbly ask to have fortune and prosperity for our country, that the sick get well, the guilty get pardoned, the just be preserved and those who abandon this valley of tears rest in the Light of The Lord and the souls of the dearly departed rest in peace.  (Mention your request).  Amen.

Here the author of the prayer first asks for righteous assistance on a broad scale – keep our country, cure the sick, save the martyrs, watch over the dead – and then adds their petition at the end.   It is very much in the form of many Catholic prayers which I grew up with.  These tend to treat Saints like generous Aunties who, if we as children are clever enough in the way we ask, will hand over an extra treat after supper. 

In this same “folk-religion” tradition, supplicants are very much encouraged to go from Saint to Saint until they find the one that gives them candy who then, of course, becomes their favorite.  My Aunt Bette was a sucker for my green eyes and gave up the last piece of cake to me every time.  Which Auntie do you imagine was my favorite?

Thanks in part to Aunt Bette I am a big fan of red velvet cake and Saint Expedite as well.  May your good fortune with him be just as mine has been, and may your favorite Auntie always offer up that last piece of cake.  Bonne chance ~

Header: Framed icon of Saint Expedite


Timmy! said...

I didn't really have a favorite Auntie (which is somehat surprising I guess, since I have so many) but I do like that prayer, Pauline.

Pauline said...

It's all good and yeah, the prayer has a ring to it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Saint Expedite.
I praise your generosity and your swift action.
I called on you and you kindly heeded my prayers.
You cared not that I wavered, but you still assisted me.
I will spread your name and word of your good works.
Thank you, Saint Expedite.
I am truly blessed and I recommend anyone who is need of immediate assistance to call on Saint Expedite for his delivery is true and his promise is complete.

Anonymous said...

Dear St. Expedite, thank you for thinking of me in my time of need and acting fast to turn things around for me.