Friday, April 8, 2011

Vendredi: King of Hearts

Today we finish up our discussion of the Suit of Hears, putting us half way through the divinatory meanings of an entire deck of cards.  It’s hard for me to believe that a full six months ago I began HQ with a Friday cartomancy post.  Time flies.

The King of Hearts is unfortunately well known as the “suicide King” because many card deck graphics make it appear that the subject is sticking his sword into his ear.  Rather awkwardly I might add.  In fact, the intention was to show the King in an aggressive stance with his sword raised in preparation for a strike but, as cards have shrunk in size, time has not been kind to our King.  Essentially, at least for divinatory purposes, you can ignore all that.

This card most often represents a gentleman skilled in business.  He may have studied law, or he be involved with organized religion, but he is not a zealot or fanatic.  He is also not much interested in politics on any level.  This is an honest, responsible, considerate and generous adult man who will not take advantage of anyone or any situation.  If love is in the cards, the King of Hearts is a catch.  If a romantic connection is not indicated, this man would make an excellent mentor, teacher or boss.

If we’ve ruled out every possible man in the querent’s past, present and future, then of course the card represents a woman.  She too is generous, but not as good hearted at the man might be.  She is capable and independent and, though not exactly prone to romance, she too would be a good leader for the querent to follow.

Et voila, we’ve wrapped up the Suit of Hearts.  Next week, a divinatory spread for you to try and then it’s forward into the Suit of Spades.  Bon Vendredi mes amis ~

Header: King of Hearts from an early 19th century deck


Timmy! said...

So that's where the “suicide King” expression comes from. I honestly did not know that, Pauline. True story.

Oh well, he sounds like a good guy, anyway.

Pauline said...

He is a good guy and he reminds me of someone I know...

Anonymous said...

He is called 'suicide king' because he is king Charles VII, who killed himself because of the card. He did it be sticking a sword through his head. That's why modern cards show him sticking a sword in his head until it killed him