Thursday, April 7, 2011

Jeudi: Curios

I'm a bit of a semi-precious gem junky.  I love the way they look and the way they feel when you hold or wear them.  Knowing about their background historically and magickally only increases the intensity of the vibrations.  At least for me. 

Crystals and gems are not particularly big in hoodoo – obviously, they were cost prohibitive for the original practitioners – and their “New Age” underpinnings have made them a little less popular in other magickal disciplines as well.  I love ‘em though, and I will happily set them under the umbrella of “Curios”.  So today, a brief discussion on one of my favorites: the amethyst.

These glorious purple stones whose color can range from delicate lilac to deep aubergine are actually a form of quartz.  Amethyst geodes are not unheard of but are generally expensive and collector’s items.  Amethyst stones can be had at fairly reasonable prices at bead and even craft stores.  Make sure you’re getting the real thing by checking the fine print. 

Amethysts are traditional stones for banishing evil, protection and boosting psychic powers.  They are considered a highly spiritual stone that can lift the person holding one out of daily anxiety and fear into universal strength and courage.  Here are just a few uses for this versatile stone.

Amethysts are frequently kept by psychics in the box or bag that holds their tools, whether they be cards, bones, shells, sticks or what have you.  Resting an amethyst on one’s forehead while meditating, obviously in a reclining position, is thought to open up the psychic eye and make fortune telling not only easier but more accurate.  Many psychics wear amethysts while reading the future.

Putting an amethyst under one’s pillow or wearing an amethyst while sleeping is thought to help insomnia, stop nightmares and encourage healing sleep and relaxing, possibly prophetic, dreams.  This calming power is carried into the waking world as well.  Holding an amethyst is thought to sooth anxiety and help lesson social disorders such as panic attacks.  The same act in a quiet place can encourage meditation and trance.  Adding an amethyst to the water of just about any spiritual bath will increase its efficacy.

Amethysts are also linked to life success regardless of the pursuit.  Consistent wearing of an amethyst is said to make one more alert, focused and capable of sticking to a goal.  Amethysts can be kept on the desk at work or in a business’ cash register to keep clients and cash coming in.  While not a money drawing stone per ce, the amethyst will help its owner keep a clear vision for success in mind, and know what to do to achieve it.

As a stone of positive attraction, amethysts are said to help women look beautiful and men encourage fondness in “the right woman”.  Carry or wear amethyst on a date with that special someone to magnify your appeal.  Bonne chance ~

Header: Lilac by Edmund Blair Leighton c 1901


Timmy! said...

And they are a good color for you, too, Pauline...

Pauline said...

And the Ghede love them... The list goes on and on.