Monday, April 18, 2011

Lundi: Recipes

Today's recipe ties into the upcoming holiday of Easter, when so many of us non-Christians have to go to some Christian’s house and eat.  And usually pray at some point.  I always need a shower Easter Sunday night during which I usually wish I was Jewish so I could just celebrate Passover with other Jewish people.

But that’s not really my point (thanks for listening, though).  Here is my favorite recipe for Easter egg dye that makes the process easy, fun, and relatively clean.  I won’t tell you how to boil eggs because I’m pretty sure you know, so here’s the deal with the dye:

12 hard cooked eggs
White vinegar
Various colors of food coloring

Stir together 1 cup boiling water, 2 tablespoons white vinegar and 10 drops of food coloring in a bowl.

Place one egg in the bowl at a time, turning gently with a spoon to make sure the egg dyes evenly.  When the desired depth of color has been achieved, remove and drain on paper towels or in the original egg carton (if it is cardboard and not Styrofoam).

This recipe generally produces nice, pastel colors unless you soak the egg for quite a while.  Experiment a bit and see what works for you.  No matter who you are or what your “religious background”, dying eggs is fun and reminds us of the original meaning of this holiday: fertility!  Next week I’ll share a great recipe to help you use up some of those boiled eggs (and no, it’s not egg salad).  Bon appetite ~

Header: Easter eggs in a warmer place than Alaska


Timmy! said...

But if you are going to use the eggs for an "Easter egg hunt" don't leave them in locations where the family dog can get to them... Otherwise there may not be many eggs left for the kids to find and you could end up with a very fat (and/or sick) dog...

This goes double for the kids' Easter candy... particularly the chocolate bunnies!

Pauline said...

Ha! Memories of Jessie (with the eggs)and Thor (with the bunny). Ouch.