Friday, April 29, 2011

Vendredi: Two of Spades

Similarly to the Two of Clubs, today’s card is an indicator of what our ancestors would have called “sloth”.  Unlike the Two of Clubs, however, today’s card indicates that the querent is not just procrastinating but failing to make a critical decision.  This indecisiveness could be harmful not only to the querent but to those they care for as well. 

Sometimes, though not always, this card indicates that your querent’s lack of action stems from them being a target of scandal or at the very least gossip.  Check the cards around the Two of Spades to get a feel for what might be happening and/or who might be causing the problem.

Whatever the issue, whether a real impropriety, a false accusation or the simple inability to move forward, your querent needs to snap out of it.  As with almost all of the cards in the Suit of Spades, urgency is implied at the very least.  It may be that you, as the person who has been asked to give advice, will need to give your querent a pep talk.  As you practice cartomancy, you’ll find this issue coming up more and more frequently.  It’s challenging at first, playing coach, best friend and sibling, but with practice and understanding, you will get very good at it.  Trust me.  Bon Vendredi ~

Header: Young Woman Drawing Cards by Marie-Aimmee Robiquet c 1891