Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mercredi: The Art of Beauty

As hard to believe as it may be, Mother’s Day is only two weeks away.  So, this week and next I’m offering a couple of decadent beauty preparations that you can make yourself and treat Mom to.  Both are the kind of thing she probably doesn’t do for herself – you know, she doesn’t have time for that – and both are easy as pie.  Or cake; I find making cake a lot easier, frankly.

Today, a soothing foot cream that you can make, package and present to Mom all wrapped up with a ribbon.  The cream is rich in cocoa butter and apricot kernel oil to soften and moisturize feet while the heavenly scent of roses stimulates the senses.  Added bonus: lemon essential oil and honey mildly antifungal just in case.  All the ingredients are easy to find in health food stores and/or the organic sections of many large markets. 

2 tbsps cocoa butter
2 tbsps apricot kernel oil
1 tbsp beeswax ganules
1 tbsp vegetable glycerine
1 tsp honey
10 drops rose essential oil
10 drops lemon essential oil

Put the first three ingredients in a double boiler and melt together over simmering water.  Remove from the heat and stir in glycerine and honey until mixed thoroughly.  Add essential oils and mix well.

Pour your foot balm into a wide-mouthed, shallow glass jar with a tight-fitting lid and allow to cool before sealing.  This formula is quite thick when it cools.  Simply scooping a palm full out and rubbing it between your hands will soften it to a workable consistency.

This foot balm is perfect for a relaxing foot massage (consider treating Mom to same while she enjoys a mimosa on the veranda or by the fireplace).  It’s also great to apply to clean feet before slipping on some cotton socks and heading off to bed.  Maybe a nice pair of socks would go well with your gift, too.  A votre santé ~

Header: Maternal Kiss by Mary Cassatt c 1896


Timmy! said...

Good idea, Pauline.

Foot massages are always nice. I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy a good foot massage.

Pauline said...

It's all good. Except my spelling, of course.