Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jeudi: Root Work

The unfortunate reality of our cyber-dominated world is that just about all of us are more open to attack.  People don’t have to know you personally to develop a personal hatred for you.  Whether it’s your occasional tweets, pictures on Facebook or posts at a blog, something you did or said can anger someone who is already angry at life.  And then you are the target for their misplaced spleen and rage.  That’s not fun.

In a case like that, where a coward hides behind the mask of an anonymous troll, a little root work can protect your psyche from further attack.

The best and easiest way to take care of this kind of thing is to put a pinch of salt in all the corners of your home (for general protection) and to keep a little open basin of salt near your work space/computer to specifically keep harm at bay.  This is an updating of an old root trick to avert the evil eye.  Not only is it effective, but glancing now and then at your little basin of salt helps you stay calm and psychically focused which in turn makes you more able to ignore the trolls.

Another helpful and easy to initiate working is to have a picture of someone you admire and feel is able to protect you on or near your computer.  Your Dad, your husband, you dog, or a favorite Saint are just a few options.  I have a picture of an equestrian statue of St. Jeanne d’Arc on my computer to help me out in time of need.

Keep it simple is a good mantra regardless of the task at hand.  Stay safe and bonne chance ~

Header: Jeanne d’Arc by Ingres


Capt. John Swallow said...

Great post - and picture!

Two additions to improve the strength of this - one is just a note, actually - to always use Sea Salt or Rock Salt (better crystals absorb/reflect more energy).

The other thing (which may seem counter productive given my previous statement) is to add charcoal to the salt - creating "black salt".

Pauline said...

Thanks so much for the additions! Absolutely great advice. I'm quite partial to sea salt myself, but I expect you knew that.

I had a feeling you'd like that painting, too.

Undine said...

Very timely advice. Is it me, or has the (already depressing) amount of online ugliness suddenly increased lately? I've noted more and more people who are, like me, announcing they're simply fed up with it all...I occasionally like to debate with myself about whether too much time online warps the minds of certain people, or does it just give full scope to qualities that were there in the first place? For a misanthrope like me, it's a tough call.

In any case, thanks for the tip. I already have two jade figurines by the computer for aid and comfort, but I think we'd all appreciate a little salt as well.

Pauline said...

I could not agree with you more. I really had a little chunk of my faith in humanity (or what passes for it) chiselled out of me this week. I guess we can all use a bit of metaphysical comfort when it comes to the Internet.

Best wishes for smooth sailing to you, my friend.

Timmy! said...

Stay safe and ignore the trolls, Pauline! You know you have my love and support, but isn't nice to see that you have the support of friends, too?

I was going to say "cyber-friends", but that sounds too much like a bad 70's comic book thing...

This would be a good post to send to your friend Blue Lou.

Pauline said...

Thanks! It is heartening to know there are a lot of good folks out there.

"Cyber-Friends" is a good one, too.