Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mardi: Herbal-Wise

We've got company coming to chez Pauline this evening so my time is not entirely my own. But I do have a quick herbal not that speaks to the season, whether you're a Hallowe'en aficionado, curious about "voodoo" or just a fan of The Walking Dead.

Hold on to your conical hats because this one is a little unusual. According to Scott Cunningham, pistachios cure zombie-ism. No kidding. Here is the notation from Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs:

The nuts are... given to zombies to bring them out of their trances and to give them the rest of death. Curiously enough, the pistachios which have been artificially dyed red are said to be the best for this purpose.

If we are talking about Voudon "zombies", it may be that there is a component in the nut that acts as an antidote for the chemicals used by a sorcerer to "turn" a person into a zombie. I don't recall Wade Davis mentioning this in his definitive book on Haitian Voudon The Serpent and the Rainbow, but that doesn't discount the possibility.

If only Rick Grimes and company had a truck-load full of pistachios... But then we wouldn't have much of a show, would we?

Interested in zombies and in particular zombie related movies? Follow along with the Zombie-thon crew for some great suggestions for your own zombie-movie-marathon. Bonne chance ~

Header: The Picture of Dorian Gray painted for the 1944 movie by Ivan Albright via Old Paint


Timmy! said...

Spoiler alert...Somebody get Hershel some red pistachios quick, Pauline!

Thanks for the tip... and for the Zombie-thon link... another good one to add to the favorites.

Pauline said...

The Zombie-thon site is a lot of fun. I think it may be time to develop a "pistachio gun" in anticipation of zombie troubles. Plenty of target practice necessary to get those things into the walking dead's mouths, though ;)