Friday, October 26, 2012

Vendredi: Chthonian Histories

After spending the last three Fridays with the harrowing tale of Agnes the miller's daughter, I for one am ready to turn to lighter fare. And what could possibly more feather light and squeaky clean than the good folks at Disney explaining the origins of Hallowe'en? That's right; nothing. This video was originally released in 1984; essentially when dinosaurs roamed the earth. See if you recognize any of the cartoon clips used in it and in particular watch for the footage from the original Haunted Mansion; that alone dates this thing.

A word of warning: Just watch the video and ignore the comments - they are worse than the creepy looking hooded Druids in the video. Trust me.

1 comment:

Timmy! said...

Wow, that was... educational, Pauline.

But the clips from the original Haunted Mansion were pretty cool.