Friday, February 25, 2011

Vendredi: Seven of Hearts

This card is one of the few in its Suit to bode ill. While the outcome of any difficulty pointed to by the Seven of Hearts will not be terribly severe, it could very well be a life lesson well heeded.

The card indicates a querent who is suffering from delusion. They may view themselves as more capable, attractive, talented, funny, etc. than they actually are or they may be imagining things about others for their own gain. Since the card is in the Suit of Hearts, it is most probable that they are deluding themselves in love – either of someone else or themselves – unless the cards close by point strongly to another issue. The real concern with this card is that the querent has waded too deep into self-deception and may cross over into dissipation.

If there is absolutely no indication of trouble in the reading and, in fact, the cards surrounding the Seven of Hearts are remarkably positive, then the querent may very well be on the right track. Their only potential pitfall in this case would be not following up on what success they have accomplished.

And so we are more than half way through the Suit of Hearts. It’s hard for me to believe but the adage of time flying is always true. Appr├ęciez votre Vendredi ~

Header: Late 19th century engraving of a Tarot reader and her clients


Timmy! said...

I'm not delusional, Pauline... When you are as capable, attractive, talented, funny, etc. as I am, how could I be... errr, wait a minute... Nevermind.

Pauline said...

Pretty much goes without saying, doesn't it?