Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jeudi: Root Work

Positive outcomes, or more correctly outcomes in favor of the root worker, are what mojos and spells are all about. There is a subtle difference, of course. Just because the result of my working is good for me does not guarantee that it will be good for anyone else. Generally speaking, hoodoo is not concerned with black, white, or gray, probably because it comes from a background of hardship. It is always important, though, to think carefully before undertaking any work and to simply do on to others as you would have them do on to you.

Today’s working is not of the type that anyone needs to worry about. On the face of it, one might imagine that it is manipulative. In fact I’ve had Wiccans flat out tell me it is. My response is that everyone is getting something out of the so called manipulation. In this instance we are talking about the sale of an item (as last week we talked about the acquisition of something) and this is a working I have used personally with great success. There are still folks driving around in my old cars with name papers tucked away in them, probably happy as clams. I mean, if clams really are happy. So, if you want to sell an item for its best possible price – particularly a large item like a house, boat, plane, car or piece of furniture – here’s a working that, as noted, has been “road tested”.

Take a piece of paper nine inches square and, using green ink, write the buyer’s name nine times from top to bottom. Now turn the paper and write the buyer’s name nine times once more from top to bottom so that the names cross each forming a checker board pattern. Be sure to concentrate on this person willingly purchasing what you have for sale. If you do not have a specific person interested yet, write something like “reliable buyer”, etc. in the same fashion.

Now mix a small amount of dried devil’s shoe string (also known as hobble bush or cramp bark), mistletoe and cinnamon together and sprinkle them on your name paper. Fold the paper up to form a little packet and tie this up with green thread, knotting it three times. The smaller you can make your packet the easier the next step will be. Remember to concentrate on drawing that good customer to your wares.

Finally, take your packet and secrete it somewhere inside the item you have for sale. Tuck it in a drawer, behind a baseboard, in the back of a glove box or under a floor mat, where ever you think it can stay the longest without being found. Again, the smaller the packet the easier this task.

Now walk away and let it go. Keep your item in good condition and advertise as you would regardless. The right buyer will find you, the right deal will be struck and the longer they go without finding your packet, the happier they will be with their purchase. Bon chance ~

Header: The Plaza Market San Antonio Texas by Thomas Allen c 1879


Timmy! said...

Sounds like a win-win to me, Pauline...

Knickertwist said...

Great stuff. I just might give this a try ;)

Pauline said...

Timmy! I concure.

Kniickertwist, thanks for you input and I hope you do. Please let me know how it turns out!

Undine said...

Thank you, we'll give it a go! (Assuming my neck of the woods has cramp bark or mistletoe available.)

I honestly don't feel manipulative by turning to such aids, as if this fellow buys our project on behalf of his company, I honestly think it will be of great benefit all around. I just hope he sees it that way.

I'm telling you, Pauline, being a freelancer is a strange life indeed. Have you ever read Poe's essay, "Secrets of the Magazine Prison-House"? All I can say is, "I feel for you, Edgar my boy!"

Pauline said...

I certainly understand, Undine, and I'll keep the positive energy flowing your way. Throwing in a prayer to St. Expedite couldn't hurt here, either; just a thought. Please let me know how things go.

And you caught me on that essay. Now I've another line on my "to read" list :)

Undine said...

Good heavens. I just looked up some info on St. Expedite,and there's even a Poe connection!

You know, my life has been full of strange coincidences--"wheels within wheels"--that have always pushed me in unexpected directions, and I feel this may be one of them.

Incidentally, as an amateur Poe historian, it was a relief reading this. I have always believed "The Raven" was an esoteric joke of his, and now I have proof.

Pauline said...

Holy buckets! That is fascinating. It's like you're being stalked by our most talented (and undervalued) American writer. And I just get pirates - go figure. That said, however, I feel a post coming on...

And speaking of Poe, I'm betting you've seen and signed this, but just in case (and for those who have not):