Friday, February 4, 2011

Vendredi: Four of Hearts

Tripping along through the Suit of Hearts we are headed to their very own holiday: Valentine’s Day. But today, another coincidence: speaking of the Four of Hearts on the 4th of February.

This card is one of the less salubrious in its suit. The Four of Hearts indicates disappointments and delays, particularly – of course – in romance but also in friendships. Due to these setbacks, the querent may be pushing too hard for an attachment or relationship or just for relationships in general. They may feel a fear of being left behind while it seems their entire group of friends is moving on to marriage and parenthood.

When this card turns up in a reading, it is usually a warning to the querent to slow down, take stock of the good things in their life and husband their gifts. They are thinking too much of the world around them and not enough about themselves. Now is a time to relax and possibly turn inward. The squeaky wheel may get the grease but the obviously needy rarely get the guy or gal.

If Diamonds or Clubs are near this card, it might be worth advising the querent to take a break from dating or working on interpersonal relationships and focus on career or other forms of personal development. If Spades are close by, an all out vacation, as in a cruise or a week at a ski resort, might just be the key to the issue.

It’s never pleasant to tell someone they appear to be headed down the wrong path, but it is nice to head off an unfortunate train wreck. Just remember to keep it positive and that your querent may very well already know their situation, they just needed someone to confirm their suspicions.
Bon Vendredi ~

Header: The Happy Fortune by Georges de la Tour


Timmy! said...

Good advice, as usual, Pauline...

Oh, and nice use of the word, "salubrious"... I will admit that I had to look it up.

Yes, I am not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but now I know what it means... And I may even use it sometime. Thankee!

Pauline said...

Salubrious is a "Mom word" where I come from. She would use that along with other delightful terms like abstemious, perfervid and labyrinthine in common speech. We got big vocabularies early, just to keep up. Thanks, Mom.