Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jeudi: Root Work

One of the many things that my grandmother passed on to me were some interesting workings she had learned from friends. She had the good fortune to have a little travel under her belt and when she was “back East” (she never specified exactly where) she made the acquaintance of a small group of what most people would call Gypsies. These people, who call themselves Roma and are frequently referred to as Romany, were originally from India and have migrated pretty much all over the world since somewhere around the 11th century. There are pockets of Roma population all across the U.S. so there’s no reason to discount Grandma’s story. And why bother when the dear lady has gone on, rest her.

This was one of Grandma’s favorite “Gypsy spells” and, considering that no matter where she lived Grandma always had beautiful, expensive furniture I’d have to say there’s something to it. The spell invokes two Catholic Saints, Patrick and Peter, but the names used for both will be unfamiliar to most. Saint Patrick is referred to as Darny and Saint Peter as Liber. I cannot tell you why this may be but I’ve a hunch it follows a similar path as Voudon with a culture’s pagan gods taking on the guises of Saints to avoid detection by the Church. At any rate, both Darny and Liber are called upon for assistance here.

So, if you have a need for a piece of furniture, from end table to baby grand piano, but haven’t the means to buy what ever it may be, try this working for remarkably quick results.

Take a green taper candle and, using a knife from your kitchen, cut seven equidistant notches into one side. They should be approximated 1 inch apart. Place the candle in a sturdy holder and put it somewhere near the place that you plan for your new furniture. Light the candle and say three times: “Darny help me, Liber help me”. Concentrate on the item you desire, visualizing it in your home being used and enjoyed.

Allow the candle to burn down to the first notch and then put out the flame. You will need to return to the candle, light it, say your prayer and visualize at approximately the same time each day, allowing the candle to burn down to only one notch per day. Remember not to think about where you will find your furniture or how you will pay for it, just do the work and move on to other thoughts.

If you can, clear a space for your new item and treat that space almost like the furniture is already there. Feel free to tell anyone who might ask what you plan to put in that space but discuss nothing further. The rest is your business alone. When the candle has burned out on the eighth day, dig any remaining wax from the holder and bury it, either in your yard or a house plant. Now let it go and don’t be surprise when that piece you most desire turns up cheap at a thrift store, sitting around in a friend’s garage or free on Craig’s List. Stranger things have happened. Bon chance ~

Header: Lady at the Piano by Pierre-Auguste Renoir


Timmy! said...

So THAT's how we got that new TV, Pauline...

Pauline said...

Certainly not. This is all about pianos.

Undine said...

To be honest, I don't care much about furniture, but this reminds me that I've been meaning to ask you: Do you know of any specific spells or rituals to help convince a specific someone to buy a specific item you've offered them for sale? (Sorry to be so cryptic, but I'd hate to feel I'd jinxed the business by talking too much.) It's important to me, but even more important to someone else close to me that this works out.

If you can think of anything that might help things along, I'd sure love to see a post about it!

Pauline said...

I hear you on all levels. Let me dig around and see what I can find; I've got a general idea of what might work but I'll do a little research first. Stay tuned.