Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mercredi: The Art of Beauty

Soap – along with shampoo for similar reasons – is probably the easiest beauty product to make at home. The base is simple and and as long as you use quality essential oils you can quite literally go to town. This makes it an easy way to work a little magick, too. Since cleansing is, in and of itself, a kind of ritual it’s not that hard to add a little intention to achieve your desires.

Since we’re talking lovin’ this week, here is a great basic gel soap recipe (cake soaps are a little harder to do and will be talked about in a separate post) followed by a few suggestions for love inspiring essential oils to mix and match.

You’ll need castile soap, which in most places is easy to find at drug stores but can also be purchased online. Castile soap is olive oil based and all natural with a low amount of foam (this isn’t going to be the bubbly soap you buy at the grocery store, particularly if you buy the vegan version with no animal fat) but it cleans so gently that it can be used on children over 8 months old in its natural state. Don’t use essential oils of any kind on a child under 2 years old without consulting your pediatrician.

For eight ounces of castile soap you’ll need eight to twelve drops of essential oil total. Twelve drops is a lot for most scents but some very light scents, like clover, may need a few more. Do some experimenting, including wearing a drop of an essential oil before you use it in beauty products to test for allergies. The inside of your arm below the elbow is a good place to test. Some oils, like thyme and clove, are universally irritating and only a drop or two should be used, particularly in a soap, bath or lotion.

All that said, here are a few of my favorite herbal oils to jumpstart your love life:

Apple blossom: Apples are used in “sweetening” workings in hoodoo to keep lovers faithful and happy. Use apple blossom essential oil to help grow an existing relationship and encourage fidelity.

Jasmine: This oil is an enhancement to any love potion and it smells delightful on just about everyone.

Lavender: Both the flowers and the essential oil of lavender is thought to bring good luck in love. Sprinkle a few flowers in a bath to make yourself more attractive before a date.

Rosemary: The herb and its essential oil are much favored in root work and Wicca as well. Rosemary is used for protection and drawing a kind, faithful lover by women in many traditions. This is a great ingredient for ladies who want to feel confident while searching for a new love, but also want to be protected from predators. When in doubt with love attracting lotions and potions girls, throw in some rosemary.

Vanilla: Like lavender, an attractant for both men and women. The smell is universally appealing. Hint for ladies of a certain age: mix vanilla and grapefruit essential oils to make yourself appear more “youthful” to gentlemen (the scent of grapefruit has been clinically proven to make men guess a woman is from five to seven years younger than she actually is).

Lemon Verbena: a great essential oil for the guys. The scent is very attractive and it has the added bonus of clearing out any blocks, unwanted attachments or thoughts of old loves that might be impeding a new relationship.

Mix your oils as noted above with eight ounces of castile soap and store in a bottle with a tight lid. Plastic is fine and one with a pump top is perfect for keeping in the shower.

The essential oils noted are just a few of the possibilities for delightfully scented and surprisingly effective love drawing soaps. Get creative, get clean and then get on out there! A votre santé ~

Header: After the Bath by Edgar Degas

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