Friday, January 21, 2011

Vendredi: Two of Hearts

The Two of Hearts follows the general pattern of its Suit and leads toward interpersonal relationships and partnership in particular. Most of the time, the card hints at a blossoming love. A face card nearby may give a hint as to the person involved or potentially involved with the querent. Depending on the surrounding cards the querent may be considering a date, a relationship, moving in with a partner or even marriage. Some delicate questions should get to the heart – pardon the pun – of the matter and this card in a spread is almost always a positive indicator in favor of the decision.

Some readings do not involve love, although to casually glance at the many books about cartomancy you’d be hard pressed to believe it. If this is the case look for cards from the Suit of Clubs near to this one. The indication is probably a business partnership. I once read for a woman and found the Two of Hearts right next to the Five of Clubs, a sure sign of a struggle in a business partnership. The querent insisted her issue was marriage. I pressed her a bit and it finally came out that she was considering asking for a pre-nup. Essentially she perceived her marriage as a corporate merger but hadn’t come to terms with her feelings, or those of her fiance.

Finally, if none of the above situations are in any way indicated, the card may be a sign of impending prosperity for the querent. You’ll need to read the cards around this one to try and determine what sort of prosperity is implied. Appr├ęciez votre Vendredi ~

Header: Fortune Telling by William Mount c 1837


Timmy! said...

Impending prosperity would be good, Pauline.

Pauline said...

I cannot agree enough!