Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mardi: Herbal-Wise

The delicate periwinkle, with its attractive flowers that are not quite blue, not quite purple, has long been thought of as magickal. This may be the reason that it is sometimes referred to as Sorcerer’s Violet.

In general herb lore and Wicca, periwinkle is thought to improve mental powers – meditating on one is said to bring back lost memories – draw money, protect the holder and encourage both lust and love. Scott Cunningham says that the flowers must be plucked from their vine-like stems only at night and when the Moon is one, nine, eleven or thirteen nights old. He also says that the harvester must be “clean of any uncleanness”, but is silent on what such “uncleanness” might be. Sprinkle the dried leaves and flowers under a marriage bed to keep the couple faithful, happy and in love as long as they sleep there.

In hoodoo, the leaves of the plant are said to bring pleasure and joy, as well as lust, into a relationship. The flowers are used to keep peace in a home and are sometimes hung in bunches above the front door for this reason.

Herbal blends available in shops that sell hoodoo supplies often include periwinkle, especially Peaceful Home Blend. This usually includes basil and rosemary as well, with balm of Gilead leaves sometimes added. People will burn this mix on incense charcoal to keep their home and family happy and free of strife. The added bonus is an improvement in conjugal relations and marital fidelity. The blend can also be brewed like a tea with the resulting water used as a floor wash to achieve the same results.

Generally speaking, periwinkle can have ill effects when ingested so please don't do that.

At this time of year, a little peace and harmony are due any household. As is a little reminder of spring to come, like the periwinkle.

Header: Enchanted Garden by John William Waterhouse c 1916


Timmy! said...

I'm pretty sure that whole, “clean of any uncleanness” thing leaves me out, Pauline.

Oh well, my mind may be dirty, but I usually try to at least keep my body relatively clean anyway...

Pauline said...

Jeez me too. Oh well, as Grandma used to say: clean mind, clean body, take your pick.