Friday, January 14, 2011

Vendredi: Ace of Hearts

As you will recall from HQ’s very first post (hard to believe this is 101!), the Suit of Hearts concerns friends, family and love. The Ace of the Suit is a particularly auspicious card, generally speaking, and is hung in the homes of people of Roma (gypsy) descent to foster good luck and harmony.

In broad terms the card indicates an outlook of happiness on a personal and spiritual level, particularly at home. Things are going right for your querent, particularly if the Ace is close to the “significator” card which represents the querent in more complex divinatory spreads. Other Suits in proximity to this card can alter its meaning in the following ways:

Hearts: the querent is surrounded by affection if not love.

Clubs: future rewards will take hard work but are imminent if the querent applies him or herself.

Diamonds: good news is on its way and it may include financial gain (this last is almost certain if the Six of Clubs is next to this Ace).

Spades: a disagreement has occurred or is brewing at home; quickly dealing with the issue will restore harmony immediately.

At all points the Ace of Hearts is a welcome card to deal. Even in the bleakest reading, this card will allow you to give some hope to your querent which is something that you should always strive to do. Walking away from a reading on a positive note will encourage the querent to be positive and address even the most dire situation with a good outlook. Bon Vendredi ~

Header: Reading the Cards by Harry Herman Roseland


Timmy! said...

"good luck and harmony" are things we all can never have too much of, Pauline...

And belated congratulations on your 100th HQ post!

Pauline said...

Hey thanks! Hopefully I can pass on some good luck and harmony with some of these old folk wisdoms. It worked for our ancestors at least once and a while, after all...