Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jeudi: The Art of Beauty

As promised, it’s time to wrap up our discussion of homemade bath salts with the idea of adding color. Once you’ve mixed your bath salt base, and thrown in any essential oils that either suit your fancy or help advance your magickal goals, a little food coloring might put the finishing touch on your creation.

Some workers find that color helps them to achieve what one of my teachers called “the psychic click”; that moment when you connect with not only your own power but the force or forces in the universe that will allow you to manifest your desire on this plane. Man, that’s a New Age mouthful isn’t it? And I think we all know what some people would say it’s full of. I get that, but the reality is that spells do work and using whatever connects you as the worker to that higher reality is one of the most important parts of being effective. If that’s adding a little lavender tint to your psychic dreams bath salts, so much the better. Then, too, coloring your bath salts makes for a really pretty gift either for yourself or someone dear.

Common food colorings work great for this process but, just like the essential oils, always blend your colors prior to adding them to the bath salts. When your goal is green a bowl of salts that looks more like a fish with blue and yellow spots really isn’t going to work, especially not magickally. Again, it’s the connection to the subconscious and if what you’re looking at doesn’t match what you wanted you might as well just take a straight bath and forget it.

Once you’ve mixed your colors, add your bath salts to them and mix with a large spoon or spatula that you are not concerned about being stained. As I’m sure you’re aware, food coloring – even those organic kinds – will stain your hands, clothing, counters, etc. so take appropriate precautions to that end. Red bath salts can jump start your love life but red counter tiles might make company wonder what exactly you keep in your freezer.

Here then, for reference, is a by no means complete list of color correspondences. Use this as inspiration and let your imagination and intuition work together to achieve the color that works best for your intention. Just as an aside these colors work for candle magick too so it couldn’t hurt to have a corresponding colored candle burning while you soak. Just a thought.

Red: courage, action, strength, health, sexual attraction

Light blue: tranquility, calm, healing

Dark blue: decision making, healing depression, courage in the face of change

Green: luck, money, fertility

Yellow: power, persuasion, prosperity, confidence

Brown: grounding, neutrality in opposition or debate

Pink: flirtation, attraction, love

Purple: psychism, centeredness, sleep

Orange: adaptability, stimulation to action, encouragement

Black: turn away and/or neutralize negativity

White: can be used for any working and is also used for protection and clarity of thought

As noted, use your intuition. If yellow feels like an attraction color to you, ditch the pink and go with your instinct. What works for you is what’s important. What works for me is white; I’m not much for mucking around with food coloring. A votre santé ~

Header: Toilette of a Roman Lady by Simeon Solomon c 1889


Timmy! said...

Like I always say, Pauline, whatever works for you, works for me... As long as you don't end up dyeing your skin a different color, it's all good.

Pauline said...

That's why food coloring is so agreeable. I mean, I suppose you could use Rit dye - semi-permanent Blue Man - but that seems extreme.