Friday, January 7, 2011

Vendredi: Divinatory Spread

Last Friday we completed our review of the divinatory meanings for the Suit of Clubs. As promised, and as the pattern went when I was taught cartomancy, its time to learn a divinatory spread so that you can start to use the Suit of Clubs for divination and add in new cards as we go.

This is a quick spread that can be used to determine the efficacy of a project, the outlook for the day or answer simple questions. Since only five cards are dealt, you will have no problem getting an answer using only one Suit.

Remove the Suit of Clubs from your deck and shuffle them. Now cut the cards into three stacks using your left hand and moving right to left while concentrating on your question or concern. Pick them up the same way and deal five cards, again moving right to left.

The first two cards dealt will be the one on the far right and the one next to it. They represent your past. Read them as a group, taking into account the effect the cards have on each other. Once you are comfortable about the clarity of meaning for these two cards, move on to the next one.

The middle card will be the third card you dealt. This represents the present, what is happening now, and it is the key to the question. Read it as a stand alone, then move on and come back to how it influences the whole as your summary of the reading.

The next and finally two cards, the fourth and fifth ones dealt, will be on the left. They represent the future. Like the first two, they should be read as a team with focus on how their meanings relate to one another.

When you feel you understand each component separately, past, present and future, sit back and take them in as a whole. The combination should give you a solid answer to your question.

Not quite clear on one or all of the messages you see before you? Don’t hesitate to start the whole process over again. Especially when you are learning, more practice is always good and until you develop some confidence in your own divinatory abilities – and those of the cards – you may need to review the same inquiry more than once. Make time for this and take it. In a few short weeks you’ll be recognizing patterns and intuiting answers with remarkable capability.

Now go practice; next week we’ll begin the Suit of Hearts. Bon Vendredi ~

Header: Fortune Telling by Aleksei Venetsianov c 1842


Timmy! said...

Practice makes... well, it makes a process anyway, Pauline.

Pauline said...

You hear something similar a lot in Haiti: it's a process. And it doesn't really matter what "it" is, it's just a process :)