Friday, December 3, 2010

Vendredi: Nine of Clubs

It's Friday once again and time to discuss our by now old friends the suit of Clubs. The Nine of the suit is no more helpful than most cards from a standpoint of clear, one word answers. But then just how often do we get a yes or a no from the cards?

This card is usually an indicator that the querent has almost reached the peak of the mountain they have been climbing, perhaps for a long time. Almost is the key word here, though. Like even experienced climbers close to the summit of Everest, your querent may feel overwhelmed. They may be questioning why they undertook the challenge in the first place. They may be frightened of the success or of the final push towards it. Exhaustion and doubt may be all they can feel. The Nine of Clubs is reassuringly saying “You can do it” and not in a snarky, Nike add sort of way. The querent can do it; they have to find the strength within themselves.

Be sure to evaluate cards close to the Nine of Clubs carefully. Sometimes this card hints that the querent’s doubt or hesitation comes from the suggestions of family or friends. If you see a card near this one that represents such a person, make a few gentle enquiries. The Nine of Clubs is telling your querent to complete their undertaking. This is a chance for the cards to help them to understand that even the most well-meaning loved one isn’t always right about how they should handle their lives. Vendredi heureux ~

Header: A Fortune Teller by Joshua Reynolds c 1777


Timmy! said...

Boy, this is a card I could really use right now, Pauline.

Pauline said...

Time for a reading...