Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jeudi: Curios

We've all heard of “Fool’s Gold”, particularly those of use who live in the western United States where innumerable Gold Rushes made fools of more than one man (and just as many women). The technical term for Fool’s Gold is iron disulphide but its common name is pyrite. It is a mineral that looks deceptively like the gold one “pans” for in a river or lake. Because of the principle of like-makes-like, which is very popular in hoodoo and other “folk” practices, pyrite is said to bring success, money and luck.

Pyrite is cleansed, either with holy water or by being left out in the sun (never with salt, which is thought to take away its power), and carried with a person’s cash to draw more. Places of business will keep a hunk of pyrite in the cash register to ensure good sales. Gamblers carry mojo bags that include pyrite to increase their winnings and keep up a streak of luck.

A money drawing mojo bag is made of green flannel and includes a chunk of pyrite and a lodestone to which is added a money drawing herb such as nutmeg, cinnamon, rice or bayberry. The items in the mojo bag should total three and this should be carried daily, if possible close to the skin, and anointed weekly with a money drawing oil like Lodestone, Cinnamon or John the Conqueror oil.

I like to cleanse a few little pieces of pyrite and place one in the toe of each of my family’s stockings (currently hung by the fire with care), with a wish for great success and good luck in the coming year. They can then carry it with them until next Yuletide, when I can start the whole process afresh. Succès à vous et au vôtre ~

Header: Anonymous painting of Elizabeth Woodville wearing cloth of gold c 1495


Timmy! said...

I think I needs me one a them money drawing mojo bags, Pauline.

Undine said...

Pauline, you are officially a Godsend. As it happens, I have pyrite, lodestone, and cinnamon all in the house at the moment, plus a vial of holy water someone gave me once (she obviously thought I needed it,) and my luck at the racetrack lately has been abominable.

I'm going to the track later today, as it happens. If I win the Pick Six, I'll owe you.

Pauline said...

Timmy! Aside from bailed-out Wall Street execs and Brangelina, I don't know of anyone who couldn't use a money mojo.

Undine ~ good luck! You're in my thoughts for phenominal success. Keep me posted.