Thursday, December 2, 2010

Jeudi: Curios

The term curio is used in hoodoo to indicate something used for magickal purposes that is not an herb. It might be an animal or part of an animal, a stone, a specific kind of wood or, as in the case of today’s offering, a metal.

Lodestones, which are sometimes called magnetite, are indeed magnetic stones that are used in hoodoo and other magickal traditions for drawing things to the person that possesses one or more. There really is no limit to the creativity you can apply here and, at least with lodestones (you may occasionally see it spelled loadstone), size matters. The bigger the hunk, the more drawing power it will have.

Lodestones have been used since ancient times. In Assyria, oil in which a lodestone had been placed for several days was rubbed on the body of an impotent man (while his partner rubbed her body with oil containing metal fragments). This form of sympathetic magick was thought to create an irresistible bond between the couple that would overcome their medical situation. In Ancient Greece, lodestones were an attribute of Herakles (Hercules) and were carried to bring strength of will, body and character.

Modern workers recognize “male” lodestones, which have pointy terminations or a pyramidal shape, and their “female” counterparts which are possessed of more rounded ends. The two are often used together. After washing in salt water and being allowed to air dry, they may be put together in a red mojo bag which is worn to secure a lover or protect a marriage. Stones used for this purpose should be the same size, approximately.

Lodestones are said to be “hungry” and most root workers will frequently “feed” their lodestones with magnetic sand (iron grit). Some workers will also put their stones in a cup of water for an hour or so a week to allow them to “drink”. I know Wiccans who perform both ministrations only on Fridays.

The stones are a very common addition to hoodoo mojo bags, and are frequently dressed for this purpose with an appropriate oil such as Crown of Success, Fast Luck, Love Me or Compelling oil. The color of the bag, which is usually made of flannel, depends on the desired outcome. Green for business success or money, yellow for success in endeavors and friendships, red for love (remember to use two lodestones here). Herbs with the qualities to achieve the outcome are added and sometimes a charm like dice for gambling success are also put in the bag. After the mojo “hand” is completed it should be carried close to the body and “dressed” with the appropriate oil once a week while the lodestone(s) is “fed” with magnetic sand at the same time.

Lodestones can frequently be found on altars, usually in pairs, to ensure that the work done there will draw a successful result. Bon chance ~

Header: Painting of Adam and Eve from Mongolian Iran c 1966


Timmy! said...

"The bigger the hunk, the more drawing power it will have."

Well, you know, it is like that in nature...

Pauline said...

The 2nd of every month is double entendre day here at HQ!