Friday, December 17, 2010

Vendredi: Jack of Clubs

At last we come to what are known as “face” or “Court” cards in our journey down cartomancy lane. The face cards are read a bit differently than others. The first thing you as the reader will want to intuit is whether or not one of the cards represents a person in your querent’s sphere. Generally speaking, Jacks or Knaves represent a young person, either male or female, while Queens represent a woman and Kings represent a man. This is not always the case but it is more frequently so than not. You’ll find this to be true even when your querent initially denies knowing anyone “like that”.

Usually, I find that the Jack of Clubs represents a young man. He is fully mature in his own mind, knows everything he needs to know and tends to speak before he thinks. Nine times out of ten this guy is a high-minded college student who has already figured out how to change the world and make it just right. Unfortunately for him he is actually a horse wearing blinders, treading the path set for him by some carriage driver. If your querent is close to this young man, they need to be aware (not beware, just aware) of his potential influence on them and make their own decisions. In the worst case scenario, this young man is a criminal and can potentially draw the querent into trouble.

If there is really no man of such description familiar to the querent, enquire about a woman. If a light bulb goes on then it is time for your querent to actually beware. Everything mentioned about the young man is doubled for a woman.

No person at all familiar here? Then your querent is potentially in some kind of bad company. Note the cards around the Jack of Clubs and advise accordingly.

As an aside, some readers ascribe coloring to the individual represented by a face card. As an example, the Jack of Clubs might be a dark young man with olive skin and brown eyes, while the Jack of Hearts might be fair, blond and blue eyed. I personally find that this only confuses the issue. In my experience, any face card can be any person in your querent’s life; you just have to find out which one. Bon chance ~

Header: Reading the Cards by Harry Herman Roseland c 1903


Timmy! said...

A card I want nothing to do with, Pauline.

Pauline said...

Agreed. It's rather like those land sharks over at Triple P.