Friday, December 31, 2010

Vendredi: KIng of Clubs

Hail to the King! It seems fitting that, on this last day of 2010, we come to the end of our discussion on the suit of Clubs.

The King of Clubs is generally indicative of a mature man, as apposed to the young person indicated by the Jack or Knave card. This does not mean he is middle aged; he may be in his late 20’s. It means that he speaks and behaves maturely. He’s a steady individual with a good outlook and a handle on life. By no means does he have all the answers, but he’s working on it with purpose.

This man is honest and generally sincere. Unless the cards around the King of Clubs are horribly unfavorable, this is a man your querent should get to know. For single ladies, this guy would make a tremendous love interest if not husband.

Should no man be indicated (and remember our discussion of the Queen of Clubs; make sure your querent isn’t protesting too much), then there may be a lady in question. If so, she is laconic hard case. She’s seen the worst of the world and knows how to deal with it. A soft heart she may have, but you’ll need a pick axe to get to it.

Have a safe and happy New Years Eve; bon fete!

Header: King of Clubs via Macedonia on the Web


Timmy! said...

I may not be very "mature" yet (for an old man), but I am "working on it with purpose"... or at least trying to, Pauline.

Pauline said...

But hey, your good husband material :)

Yani said...

What if you are a woman & this is your birth card?

Pauline said...

Your question is a good one, Yani. I would say that you are on an even footing as far as dealing with life in general and with hardship in particular. Whether a man or a woman is indicated, this card doesn't pull punches and shows us a person who is capable, tough and a survivor. My advise would be to step back once in a while, though, and make sure you're not being too hard on others or - in particular - youself.