Friday, October 8, 2010

Vendredi: Ace of Clubs

Here we are, a week into HQ and we’ve come full circle. It’s time once again to talk about divination with the ubiquitous deck of playing cards that is probably sitting in a draw somewhere wondering why you abandoned it for the card games on your computer. Though they are amazing on all levels, one of the things computers can’t do with any accuracy is imagine the future. But you, with a little psychic nudge, sure can. Just remember to always keep your cards for divination separate from those you use for games. Remember too the old root wisdom: if you divine with cards, don’t gamble with them.

We will start our look at the divinatory meaning of each card with the suit of clubs, which you will recall represents enterprise and business. There is also a element here of creative energy and loyalty. Contemplate your cards often, doing readings for yourself daily if at all possible. As Scott Cunningham so brilliantly put it, you are your magickal laboratory and that includes divination.

The Ace of Clubs represents general prosperity. There is a sense of success achieved after hard work and possibly of someone finally getting what is owed to them. Change may be involved.

Note that some readers assign the Ace of Clubs the position I refer to as “place card”. The place card is an indicator of your querent’s status. In the case of the Ace of Clubs the status in question is reputation in their community with a proximity to a Spade meaning bad and to a Heart meaning good. I do not personally adhere to the use of place cards but I want you to be well informed and to remember that each reading is different and surprisingly new. If the cards are leading you in a direction, don’t fight it. Let that psychic trigger do its work.

Bon chance ~

Header: Card Reader by Martin Drolling


Timmy! said...

..."if you divine with cards, don’t gamble with them"... Important safety tip. Thanks, Pauline!

Pauline said...

Pauline is not making this up.