Saturday, October 23, 2010

Samedi: Moon Work

Wait a minute! The moon’s full and I didn’t even pay attention here at HQ, did I? So, with all apologies to the Ghede in general and the Barons and Maman Brigitte in particular, we will have a Moon Work Saturday here (and better late than never; see Sailor Mouth Saturday at Triple P if you’d like to know why).

The Full Moon came upon us yesterday at 9:37 PM Eastern Daylight Time here in the U.S. This moon brings us to the completion of a project. We are at that moment when we can step back and wipe our hands while admiring our handiwork. The energy of a Full Moon may make us want to start something else up immediately but be careful. Pick the wrong project (say, increasing fertility) and the waning moon will bring a frustrating lag in productivity.

On the other hand, now is the time to let go of anything that has been troublesome or caused worry. Forgive yourself for errors or behaviors you aren’t proud of and move on. This is a great time to perform work involving the releasing of vices or bad habits. As the moon wanes, so will your need to what ever it is that may be oppressing you.

Other works that benefit from Full Moon energy include: beauty, health, love (in particular), legal issues, increasing psychic abilities and motivation as well as self- improvement.

There are so many possibilities and so much more time. The Full Moon will be at her peak until tomorrow evening. Avec la bénédiction de la lune ~


Timmy! said...

It's a good weekend for it too, Pauline!

Pauline said...

What's prettier than a full moon, too? Particularly over the water.