Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jeudi: Root Work

When doing root work, it’s wise to keep in mind the tenants of magick most often laid out by writers of “how to” books on Wiccan spell work. They are usually put in some variant of the following:

To want, to know, to do, to believe and to keep silent: you visualize your want, know what to do to get it, do what ever that might be while having faith in its efficacy and then shut up until the outcome has been made manifest. Simple.

Or, perhaps, over-simplification. I’ve found that nothing is ever so straight forward and have formulated my own “code of ethics and success” for magick. It goes more like this:

Know your need: Need is not want. If you simply “want” something you probably do not have the same emotional investment in getting it that you would if you really “need” something. This is why spells seem to work so well for teenagers. They, by the very nature of their physiology, are emotionally invested in everything. Which leads to the next tenant.

Be emotionally invested: Root work/spell work/magick requires a strong emotional tie in order to have success. Visualization and the harnessing of energy require strong feelings. Start small; that helps you flex your magickal muscles. Remember, like everything else in life success leads to more success.

Have the knowledge before you do the work: Study and, if at all possible, find a mentor. The Universe generally knows when you’re ready for a teacher and sends you one but beware. Jerks. Are. Everywhere. Don’t be a gull. If you have to stick with books (and, of course, the sage advice given virtually daily here at HQ) that’s fine too. Don’t let anyone make you believe you’re “not doing it right”. Again, starting small will help you stay on the right path.

Do the work: You must take the time to do the spell/make the mojo bag/read the cards/say the prayer/& cetera. Whatever works for you – from full blown candle ritual on a dressed altar to reading that same relevant passage in your Bible daily – just do it. (No Nike reference intended or implied.)

Believe in yourself: You know and you did. Pat yourself on the back and believe that you have that spark of Universal power within yourself. You can make your dreams manifest. Doubt does no one any good.

Zip it!: Yes I’m on the shut up train. All the people who ever told me to “tell people you’re dream/talent/intention and you will make it manifest” were just hoping for a chance to laugh at me, I swear. I know I sound a little paranoid but age has taught me that silence works magick. Running your mouth just makes you look a fool.

And get to work: You know what else works magick? Working in the really real world. Just did a spell to draw a big gallery show for your art? How many finished pieces do you have on hand right now? Got a mojo in your pocket to land you a job at the accounting firm in town? How’s your resume and when’s the interview? Love philter all cooked up for the cute guy at Starbucks? You’ll be calling him tonight, right? The Universe doesn’t do anything by itself. There is no magick like that.

Now get out there and get to it. Bon chance ~

Header: Silence by Henry Fuseli


Timmy! said...

Excellent advice all... Thanks, Pauline!

Pauline said...

I hope so. I don't want to come off all "superior", 'cause I'm still learning... Always.