Friday, February 10, 2012

Vendredi: The Shape of Your Tea

Time once again to look at a few meanings of the potential shapes left behind after that relaxing cup of tea:

Package or gift ~ something unexpected is on the horizon
Paper or scroll ~ news; a possible announcement of promotion, or other life improvement
Pen or inkwell ~ the opposite of the above; disturbing messages
Pencil ~ temporary situation set to change, possibly for the better depending on shapes nearby
Pipe ~ a time of relaxation; nothing is fabulous or new, but life is good
Purse ~ financial gain
Racket (tennis) ~ winning a dispute or argument
Rake ~ time to organize, both in business and at home
Rod & reel (fishing) ~ either the petitioner is about to score a large gain of some kind or they are out “fishing” around for something they will never attain
Saucer ~ the petitioner is in debt, perhaps over his/her head
Saw ~ gossip or malice toward the petitioner, most probably from someone they do not know well
Scales ~ legal issues; blind justice for good or ill
Scepter ~ much like a saucer; the petitioner is strained fiscally
Scissors ~ the petitioner should beware of deceit, especially in one close to them
Scythe ~ good faith; a trustworthy friend.  Look carefully at the shapes around the scythe, however; there may be a risk of losing a faithful friend
Shovel ~ hard work leads to success & recognition
Spoon ~ the petitioner is “hungry” for attention
Stove or oven ~ a snug, comforting home & loving family is there for the petitioner, regardless of his situation otherwise

And so we end another Friday post; Vendredi heureux ~

Header: Cotton Exchange, New Orleans by Edgar Degas c 1873


Timmy! said...

The "Stove or oven" sounds about right for me, Pauline...

Pauline said...

It's a good gig if you can get it :)