Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mardi: Herbal-Wise

It's Valentine’s Day seems the perfect opportunity to dwell on one of the most powerful love-drawing – and holding – herbs in the hoodoo lexicon: the Adam & Eve root.  The root is in fact two tubers of a pair of orchids attached to one another, although they are now frequently sold as a separate pair.  One is a lighter color than the other and they both take on the very vague shape of an actual human heart.  It is hardly a wonder that Adam & Eve roots have a reputation for working magick in love.

In Wicca, the roots are used much as they are in hoodoo.  Scott Cunningham recommends carrying the roots together in a bag at all times.  He advises that this sachet will serve two purposes; to draw love to you and to repel rivals for that love.

In hoodoo, the roots are used by men and women in separate kinds of mojo bags to attract and keep love.  A frequent ingredient in all kinds of love mojos – along with Adam & Eve root – is lodestones.  These magnetic stones, of course through the doctrine of like makes like, are thought to attract whatever it is that the root worker hopes to gain.

One of my favorite workings with Adam & Eve root involves with two people working together to keep their love strong.  In this case, two pairs of Adam & Eve root are placed in two bags, one designated as male and one female.  A lodestone, dressed with magnetic sand if possible, is also placed in each bag.   A High John the Conqueror root is then added to the male bag while a Queen Elizabeth root is added to the female.  If possible, both bags should be dressed with a love oil such as Love Me or Stay With Me oil.  The male bag is to be carried by the woman and the female by the man when the two are apart.  When the couple is together at home, the bags should be placed together, either tied with a ribbon or in a box, under or near their bed.  This will ensure that no person can tempt the couple away from their true love.  Making two male or two female bags will have the equivalent effect for same-sex lovers.  Happy Valentine’s Day, and bonne chance ~

Header: Adam and Eve by Lucas Cranach c 1538 via the Toronto Museum


Timmy! said...

"Two people working together to keep their love strong" is always a good thing, Pauline. Happy Valentine's Day!

Pauline said...

You can't - if you're a reasonable person and not a hate-monger - argue with that sentiment at all.