Friday, February 3, 2012

Vendredi: Leaves, Masks and Needles

It has been snowing for the last seven hours here, and so I have had more than one cup of tea already today – to say nothing of coffee.  Should I have found any of the shapes in my spent tea leaves, they might just indicate…
Ladder ~ climbing the ladder of success; slow, steady advancement
Lamp ~ the petitioner is searching for enlightenment.  They will need to study and seek sage advice to achieve their goal
Leaves ~ these have various meanings: a garland of leaves means acclaim while falling leaves indicate illness or a downturn in fortune.  Grape leaves indicate anger on the part of the petitioner or one close to them.  Fig leaves tend to indicate negative gossip against the petitioner; fern leaves mean someone is disloyal.  Oak leaves may point to a long, healthy life.  Two or more relatively unidentifiable leaves foretell good fortune in the near future
Letter or envelope ~ news, perhaps that the petitioner has been waiting for, will soon arrive
Lock ~ a roadblock that the petitioner must work through rather than around
Mantle, robe or shawl ~ the petitioner is covering up something personal
Mask ~ deception which works either for or against the petitioner, depending on nearby shapes
Mountain ~ the petitioner has an altruistic goal that should be pursued
Mushroom ~ movement in business; takeovers, expansion
Nail ~ possible false accusation or unjust court decision against the petitioner
Needle ~ a love affair; if near a cat, deer or shawl, an illicit one
Nurse ~ someone close to the petitioner may be in danger of serious illness
Oyster ~ a very propitious sign; joy, wealth of all kinds

And so we will close for today.  I wish you far fewer hazards than are faced by those in my neck of the woods today, and Vendredi heureux ~

Header: Veil of Winter by William St John Harper c 1890


Timmy! said...

And it doesn't show signs of stopping, Pauline... In fact, it looks like it's getting even worse. Too bad our snowblower broke before the holidays.

What about maple leaves? Does that mean you are in danger from a Canadian?


Pauline said...

It is pretty hellish out there in a Dante-esque sort of way (7th circle of hell and all).

And no; I think is means you are in danger of a sugar-high caused by syrup. I'll check and get back to you...