Friday, February 17, 2012

Vendredi: The Last of the Tea Leaves

With this post, we will wrap up the meanings of various shapes that our spent tea leaves might take on in the bottom of our empty cups. 

Table ~ a social occasion or business meeting, depending on the shapes surrounding this one
Tent ~ a rocky romantic connection; like the tent, which is usually meant to be temporary, this love will not last
Telescope ~ an eye for the future; the petitioner is good at seeing what lies around the corner
Trident ~ a successful business endeavor or trip
Tree ~ fine health, especially if three or more trees are close to each other; two trees near one another means a close relationship, while two trees far apart means a separation
Umbrella ~ the petitioner is searching for security; if the umbrella is closed, they will not find what they seek but, if it is open, a safe haven in is their future
Unicycle ~ an heroic act of balance/multitasking is being undertaken by the petitioner; look at the shapes nearby to determine if they may be overtaxing themselves
Violin ~ the petitioner is more than capable of getting by on their own; animals with negative connotations nearby may hint at self-centeredness
Volcano ~ strong feelings have been kept under wraps, perhaps for some time, and are ready to “blow up”
Wall ~ the petitioner is facing an obstacle that seems insurmountable, but persistence will bring the desired result
Watch ~ a personal proposal or business offer is on its way
Well ~ a troublesome issue on which a decision must be made has the petitioner in the dark; consulting a professional may be the best course of action
Wheel ~ the end of a period of exhausting work, worry or illness is on its way
Windmill ~ staying the course while still being willing to tweak old habits will end in success
Wings ~ news – usually life-changing news – is on the horizon
Yoke ~ the petitioner is in a danger zone for potential entrapment; consider a job offer, personal proposal or other such very, very carefully

Thus ends out discussion of the potential meaning of those odd shapes made by spent tea leaves.  I’m formulating some thoughts about a potential new direction for Friday posts at HQ that I hope to be able to unveil next week.  Until then, mes amis, Vendredi heureux ~

Header: Nameless and Friendless by E.M. Osborn c 1857

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Timmy! said...

I think a unicycle with a flat tire would work for me today... I am multitasking, but not very well (and certainly not heroically) Pauline...