Friday, December 9, 2011

Vendredi: Creatures in the Tea Leaves

Animal shapes have some curious meanings in tasseography.  It seems, at least to me, that they can be unusual and sometimes even mythical.  A cow might be sitting next to a basilisk in your cup.  Next time you may find a jackalope running with a dog.  It’s a little off-putting at first but I suppose you get used to it.  Here are a few of the living creatures I’ve encountered so far – and some I haven’t – along with their general indications in tea leaf reading.

Alligator ~ someone is deceiving the petitioner (or they are deceiving themselves).
Bee ~ a very propitious sign; much success after hard work.  Loyal friends are also indicated, particularly if two or more bees are seen.
Bird ~ if the bird has lighted, the petitioner will land on their feet after some trouble.  If the bird is in flight, good news is on its way.  The exception to the positive indications of birds is the owl, who foretells potential failure.
Bull ~ an aggressive nature is indicated; the petition or someone in their immediate circle may be acting without consideration for the feelings/needs of others.
Butterfly ~ happiness.  If the butterfly is surrounded with dots, the petitioner may be a free spender who is frittering away their cash.
Cat ~ someone in the petitioner’s life is acting the part of their friend while preparing to stab them in the back; beware.
Chicken ~ a pompous personality is indicated.
Cow ~ a comfortable situation; nurturing from others.
Crab ~ watch out for the silent person in your life, they are sharpening their claws.
Deer ~ untrustworthiness.
Dog ~ reliable friends; a dog at the very bottom of the cup means a friend needs help.  A running dog means trustworthy associates while a dog at rest warns against talking about a friend behind their back.
Donkey ~ forbearance; strength.
Dragon ~ a frightening occurrence is on the horizon but the petitioner will get through it, and be the better for it (this is also the case with other mythical beasts like basilisks, gargoyles, griffins, etc.)
Elephant ~ an indication of wisdom in the petitioner, and the strength to push through to a positive outcome even if the endeavor takes many years.

We’ll stop there for today and then return with another list of animals next week.  Vendredi heureux ~

Header: Mastiffs Wilbur and Anchor backstage at the 2010 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show via NYT online


Timmy! said...

A basilisk? Are you sure that's not a wyvern, Pauline?

"I wonder what it could Bee?"

And what happens if you see Our Lady of Guadalupe? Sorry, I guess that's not really an animal shape, is it?

Pauline said...

Oh shoot; maybe it was a wyvern...