Thursday, December 22, 2011

Jeudi: Root Work

Well, here it comes like a freight train, looming just around the bend we call Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza/etc.  That’s right; it’s New Years Eve and for single people in our culture it is often one of the most dreaded 12 hours of any given year.  Will I have a date?  Someone to kiss when the ball drops?  Will they ever stop playing that “What Are You Doing New Years Eve” song!?  We’ve all been there.

Sometimes it’s even worse when you’re in a sorta/kinda relationship and your just-about-significant other is hemming and hawing about committing to your plans.  Or theirs, for that matter.  This is when everything seems set but Mom suddenly gets sick or there’s a snow storm in Phoenix (who knew, right) and they can’t get home or they have to work…  The list goes on and on and so does the frustration.

First, some motherly advice, particularly for the girls out there.  If you’re really single, round up some single friends and have a sleep over.  No one is in danger of a DUI and its lots of fun to wear footy pajamas, watch old movies and drink sparkling wine.  If you’re in some on again off again thing, that’s not really a “relationship” and you probably need to evaluate whether or not it ever will be.  You might want to just dump him and revert to that first bit of advice.

If you absolutely, positively must get him (or her) to commit, now is the time to take action and this bit of gypsy spell work will do the trick.  This working is very ancient and was originally done, according to my Gran, without the freezing of the name papers and honey.  They were simply sealed in a box or jar with wax and put away where they would not be disturbed.  The addition of freezing only serves to seal the deal, so to say, that much more efficiently.  Here’s what you’ll need:

Two brown paper between two and three inches square
A red pen
A container that will hold the name papers and enough honey to cover them
A freezer

While focusing on your relationship, write your name on one of the papers and your guy or gal’s name on the other with red ink.  First names will work; full names will work better.  Place the paper with your name on it face up in the container, then place the other paper face down directly on top of it.  Make sure all the sides and corners are completely even. 

Now pour the honey over the name papers until they are covered, continuing to focus.  Place the container, honey and name papers in your freezer and leave them there for as long as you wish the relationship to continue.

This little working should give you the “upper hand” in the relationship and bring your partner to heel, for New Years Eve and beyond.  Remember not to abuse your magickal privilege in this as that karma will come back to you.

Should you decide you no longer want to engage in the relationship, thaw and discard the entire working.  And, of course, gently let the other person know; no tweeting or texting a break up, now.  Yule heureux et bonne chance ~

Header: The Proscribed Royalist by John Everett Mallais


Timmy! said...

At least you didn't have to do this to get me to commit, Pauline...


Pauline said...

It is nice not to have to worry about that stuff. All the same, I mull those worries over more and more now that are girls ar heading toward them. Yikes!