Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mardi: Herbal-Wise

Last week we talked about the uses of anise in Wicca and hoodoo.  Today we’ll look at a completely different plant with a very similar name: star anise.

Star anise is in the same botanical family as magnolia, but its origins are Asian.  In Japan it is held sacred; star anise is often planted near tombs and temples in that country.  As Catherine Yronwode notes, most of the star anise available in the U.S. is in seed form.  The seeds are quite lovely with their eight-pointed star shape and are considered to have great mystical power.

In Wicca, the seeds are burned as incense to increase one’s psychic powers.  Scott Cunningham also notes that the seeds can be strung on cording and worn as a necklace for the same purpose.  Some Wiccans place an uneven number of star anise seeds on their altars to draw power to the area.  Five seeds are usually used, place at each of the four directions and then in the center to represent Spirit.

In hoodoo, star anise is considered very lucky.  The seeds are used in mojos to bring psychic dreams of lucky lotto numbers, winning horses’ names and cetera.  Star anise is also thought to be protective.  Seven seeds tied up in a mojo bag and carried on one’s person are said to ward off the Evil Eye and draw good health, prosperity and luck in love for twelve months.  This is a wonderfully easy working for the New Year to set things up for personal success as each year changes.  Bonne chance ~

Header: Past & Present No. 2 by A.L. Egg


Timmy! said...

Definitely sounds like a good one for the New Year, Pauline...

I like the painting at the header too.

Pauline said...

I thought so too. And the painting reminds me that it never hurts to be a little contemplative at the New Year.