Friday, December 16, 2011

Vendredi: More Animals to Speak Of

Today we’ll finish out the list of meanings generally applied to the shapes of animals in tasseography.  This list, including last Friday’s post, is not by any means complete.  As is true with any other aid to prescience, you will develop a feel for the shapes you see in the tea leaves and what they are trying to tell you in any given situation.  Also, make sure you consult many different sources as you learn the art of tea leaf reading. 

Fish ~ travel over water; the fish is also read as an extremely lucky symbol.
Fox ~ a friend, acquaintance or business associate who seems to be lending their intellect to your good use may be only looking out for themselves.  Beware of the person who is “crazy like a fox.”
Frog or toad ~ the petitioner needs to dial back their attitude, particularly if they tend to be a know-it-all.
Goat ~ close friends may hide scheming enemies.  Tread with caution.
Horse ~ news, usually good, is on its way.  A horse standing or walking indicates a long wait for the news but a horse running – particularly if it carries a rider – indicates swift and surprisingly good news.
Lion ~ favorable outlook for current ventures; friends in high places and/or help from people in power is indicated.  This is an extremely auspicious shape for writers to find in their teacups.
Mouse, rat or other small rodent ~ theft or robbery should be guarded against.  A friend is untrustworthy.
Parrot or other talking bird ~ gossip.
Peacock ~ increase in material possessions.  Surrounded by dots, the peacock indicates an influx of cash.  When the bird’s tail is open, real estate is involved.
Pig ~ success with consequences.  Both good and bad are ahead.
Rabbit ~ fear and/or anxiety.  The appearance of this animal may indicate that the petitioner suffers from a treatable anxious condition.
Snake ~ anger or hostility directed toward the petitioner.  Note that the snake has a discernable head unlike a road/line, which does not.  The snake may also indicate deceit, particularly if it is near the top of the cup.
Spider ~ persistence; as the spider will spin its web again after it is ripped or broken, so the petitioner will pursue their goal despite obstacles.
Swan ~ happiness.
Turtle or tortoise ~ single-mindedness; watch out for falling for flattery.

There, then, is a generally list of animals you might see in the tea leaves.  Even if you don’t plan to seriously practice tasseography, it is a fun pastime after a nice afternoon cup.  Here’s a great post you might find helpful; I know I did.  Vendredi heureux ~

Header: Young Hare by Albrecht Durer c 1502


Timmy! said...

Lots of good advice there, Pauline. And the post from Knickertwist is particularly helpful too. Thanks!

Pauline said...

Yes; I really got a lot out of that post which is why I wanted to share it.