Friday, September 30, 2011

Vendredi: Ten of Diamonds

Many root workers who read playing cards will tell you that the Ten of Diamonds is the most auspicious card in the deck.  In this interpretation, this is the card that indicates all doors to success and happiness will open for the querent.  Hard times are over; you’ve pulled up on Easy Street.

Personally, though I do feel that today’s card is usually a good omen, this reading is over-simplified.  While the card may indicate the coming of well-deserved wealth (usually after a lot of hard work) it can also indicate joys that have nor direct involvement with sudden wealth.  Often the card points to the querent turning their attention to their family.  This is usually very broad in meaning; they may be sustaining a spouse and children, but they may be taking care of a parent or other relative, adopting a child or delving into their family’s genealogy.  Whatever the endeavor, the Ten of Diamonds is an indication of probable success. 

The darker side of this card, if such there is, usually has to do with family inheritance.  The querent may be involved in a dispute over a will or property left without specific instructions.  This can mean a private home or homes but it also may indicate business property or the business itself.  As always, a quick check of the cards close to this one in the spread, and then a specific conversation with your querent will usually lead you to the right interpretation.  Vendredi heureux ~

Header: The Ten of Diamonds and the Five of Spades from the “Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling Deck”; still available today, this fun if curiously inaccurate deck was my favorite as a child


Timmy! said...

Doesn't sound like too much of a dark side to me, Pauline.

But you are absolutely right about the over-simplification thing.

Pauline said...

Sometimes you virtually have to tell the person you're reading for what they want to hear. But it doesn't hurt to temper it with a healthy dose of reality :)