Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mardi: Herbal-Wise

Cardamom is one of those “Oriental” spices that was so coveted by Europeans in times past.  It thrives in tropical regions and is probably most associated in popular Western consciousness with India.  The tasty little seeds have found their way into hoodoo, Wicca and other magickal disciplines since being brought west and they are almost always used to attract love.

Cardamom has been chewed as a breath freshener for centuries, which may or may not have led to its association with amorous contacts.  One old hoodoo trick is no more complicated than chewing a few cardamom seeds before heading out for a night on the town in order to draw attention from potential lovers.  Cardamom seeds are also sprinkled under marriage beds to spice up lovemaking.  Powerful lust drawing mojos are made with flower petals from roses, passion flowers and cardamom seeds.  For extra zing, a woman might add catnip to attract men; a man could include High John the Conqueror to attract women.

In Wicca, cardamom is used similarly.  Added to sweet foods like carrot cake or apple pie, it works to “sweeten” a potential lover’s attitude toward the witch cum baker.  Just remember to work with intention, and to make sure that the creepy guy at the office doesn’t accidently get some of your pâtisserie de l'amour.  Bon chance ~

Header: The Kiss by Francesco Hayez c 1859


Timmy! said...

Last time there was cardamom cake, I didn't get any, Pauline...

Pauline said...

Timmy! the guy who never got anything.