Thursday, September 29, 2011

Jeudi: Curios

We have spoken previously about lodestones.  These magnetic stones are thought to draw love, luck and prosperity to those who know how to manipulate them.  Their companion curio, which can also be used in certain kinds of root work, is known as magnetic sand.

Sometimes called lodestone hairs or anvil dust, these small iron shavings stick to lodestones.  They are used to “feed” the stones in certain tricks and to mix with other ingredients in others.  Their primary purview is luck in love or money.

Lodestone Oil is easily made by adding small shavings from a lodestone to a vile of olive oil.  This can be used to dress money to make sure you never run out or to anoint one’s hands before going out for a night of gambling.  It is also used to dress mojos for prosperity and luck.

An allegedly powerful mojo for finding treasure calls for filling a black flannel bag with five-finger grass, comfrey root and a little lodestone.  The bag should be dressed with Lodestone Oil and the lodestone should be fed with magnetic sand regularly.  This will ensure that you will find money – physically, not figuratively – when you travel.  I prefer the simpler version of this hand which eliminates the Lodestone Oil and the magnetic sand all together.  In this case the bag should be dressed regularly with Commanding Oil and carried whenever you travel, ensuring that you will never be lost or injured away from home.

Magnetic sand can be used as a throw to draw love to you.  While concentrating on attracting a certain someone’s romantic attention, throw a handful of magnetic sand on the ground where you know they will step frequently.  When their shoes pick up the little iron shavings, they will become attracted to you.

A very broad trick for attaining just about anything you desire calls for Lodestone Oil, brown paper and pen, a photo or drawing, an old plate, a lodestone and magnetic sand.  Write your desire on brown paper and sign it with your name.  Now take a picture, drawing or other representation of your desire and anoint the four corners with Lodestone Oil.  Do the same with the paper, all the while focusing on your ultimate goal.  Place the paper and then the picture on a plate and place a lodestone on top of them.  Now take the time to speak to the lodestone.  Tell it your dearest desire and end with as I give to you, so will you give to me, as you sprinkle a pinch of magnetic sand on the lodestone.  For your desire to manifest, you must be true to your word.  Speak to the lodestone each day and feed it a generous pinch of magnetic sand.  For the trick to work, you must keep it completely to yourself.  While the work is in progress, no one must find your supplies or catch you at this endeavor.  When your dream is made manifest, thank the lodestone and bury all the supplies in tact – plate, paper, picture, lodestone and magnetic sand – in your yard.  Though it sounds simple, this working requires commitment.  If you miss a day, begin to doubt your potential success or become insincere in your process, you will have to start from scratch once again.  Bonne chance ~

Header:  Strega by Pia Valentinis via Old Paint


Timmy! said...

I'm afraid I would not be sincere enough to do this, Pauline.

Pauline said...

That's actually a larger block to success in root work than people are willing to admit. Recognizing it helps avoid a lot of unproductive labor.