Friday, January 6, 2012

Vendredi: Shapes Telling Stories

At least when reading tea leaves shapes tell stories.  We’ve looked at geometric and animal shape meanings in the leaves so today, and probably for a few Fridays more, we’ll catch all those miscellaneous shapes in our cup.  From the seeds of trees to harnesses for oxen, we’ve got a lot to cover so let’s get started:

Acorn ~ good health and a run of luck
Airplane ~ unexpected travel; recognition in one’s profession
Anchor ~ success; hope for the future
Armor ~ a knight in armor is a sign of a person trying to avoid contact with the outside world; a reclusive personality
Arrow ~ something major – possibly with negative results – is on the horizon for the petitioner
Axe ~ issues that need immediate attention; cutting ties or addressing addiction
Backpack or book bag ~ the petitioner is carrying – but not sharing – critical knowledge that they need to let go of
Bed ~ the petitioner’s mind is preoccupied as in daydreaming or too much rumination of self
Bell ~ news is on the way to the petitioner and it may be something they have been needed for a while
Boat or ship ~ resolution of a difficult situation or problem; a large ship can indicate the potential to avoid problems
Book ~ open, the book indicates enlightenment; closed, the petition is seeking information they will not find
Boot or shoe ~ the petitioner is being well looked after and kept out of troubling or uncomfortable situation either by someone else or by circumstance
Bottle ~ there are concerns for the petitioners health; whether they are known or unknown depends on the symbol(s) next to or touching the bottle
Bread ~ whether a slice or a loaf of bread is represented in the leaves the meaning is the same: the petitioner is acquisitive and too focused on material things
Bridge ~ a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity is drawing near
Bush or hedge ~ the petitioner is blessed with many good friends

That’s a lot to absorb so we’ll leave it here for today.  Next time we’ll look at shapes starting with C through E.  Vendredi heureux ~

Header: Saint Jeanne d’Arc, who was born on this day circa 1412, from a 15th century manuscript


Timmy! said...

You are like a veritable encyclopedia of tasseography, Pauline...

And happy birthday to Saint Jeanne! 600 years young and still going strong...

Pauline said...

Ha! You're funny (attribution to Lyon's "Predicting the Future" in November 11's post BTW).

And yay! St Jeanne! We love you around here!