Friday, January 27, 2012

Vendredi: A Teacup Full of the Future

In typical Friday fashion, here are a few more shapes you could find in those soggy tea leaves at the bottom of your cup, and what they might be pointing to.

Hammer ~ strength in the face of opposition and/or the petitioner may be showing insensitivity to someone in their life
Hammock ~ rest; a place of repose and solitude is finally available
Harp ~ peace; the petitioner may be the focus of affection that they are not aware off
Hat ~ a new job or business venture will be offered
Heart (the classic Valentine shape) ~ love or, if the heart is surrounded by dots, wealth
Horn (animal) ~ domination either by or against the petitioner, depending on what surrounds this shape
Horn (musical) ~ good news
Horseshoe ~ the petitioner may come into something of value – not necessarily money – through the death of a relative, a will or something similar
Hourglass ~ a warning to live in and appreciate the present; time is short
House ~ security
Igloo ~ isolation, either purposeful or through the actions of others
Jar or pot ~ secrets kept; things stashed away that might be better off used
Jewel ~ a need for other people’s attention and/or a great amount of admiration from others
Jug or vase ~ generosity; service such as volunteering
Kettle, tea or coffee pot ~ security at home; happiness among family
Key ~ insight; the petitioner has a good handle on what is going on around them and should “follow their gut”
Kite ~ broad speculation, either on the part of the petitioner or their family/friends

And as always, Vendredi heureux ~

Header: The Harmonica Player by Gladys N. Smith via American Gallery


Timmy! said...

I'm looking forward to getting home to our igloo for the weekend...

Vendredi heureux, Pauline!

Pauline said...

No kidding. And "igloo" is only a slight exaggeration; -5 on the porch.