Friday, January 13, 2012

Vendredi: More Shapes in Your Cup

Today, Friday the 13th no less, more shapes you might find in your cup of tea leaves and their general meanings:

Cabbage ~ curiously, an indication of jealousy either by the petitioner or against them
Cage ~ a longing for a life other than what one has
Car ~ travel; if a journey is not indicated, this symbol may hint at acquisitiveness on the part of the petitioner
Castle ~ the petitioner is coming into a position of power; alternately, they are favored by a person in power
Chain ~ authority currently has sway over the petitioner; a possible loss in a court case.  If the chain has a broken link, the court case will go in the petitioner’s favor
Chair ~ rest after hard work
Church ~ the petitioner is on an amoral path and should look deeply at their behavior with an eye to correct it; petitioner’s actions are hurting others
Clock ~ delays and barriers cause frustration
Crown ~ the petitioner will succeed in their current venture; if this reading is not appropriate, the crown might indicate an unexpected gift or inheritance
Cup ~ thoughtfulness; a time of quiet self-evaluation
Cymbal ~ good news
Dagger, Knife or Sword ~ the petitioner needs to get hold of their temper and/or possible danger – a dagger pointed to the rim of the cup indicates danger to the petitioner; pointing to the bottom, danger to others
Door ~ an obstacle is on the horizon; the petitioner will need to use his wits to break through or get around it
Drum ~ gossip
Egg ~ good fortune is smiling on the petitioner
Engine (train) ~ like a furnace, the petitioner is full of energy that needs a creative outlet

Thus we’ll close for today.  Be safe out there or, if you’re like me and find nothing the least bit worrisome about any specific day of the year, Vendredi heureux ~

Header: Elevation drawing of St. Genevieve Catholic Church in Slidell, LA; the church suffered heavy damage in Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and will finally reopen this weekend (image via Thanks, Katrina)


Prince of Pinkness said...

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit this BUT often times, I will see a heart shape in the bottom of my cup. Not from tea leaves but from a bit of coffee grounds!

Timmy! said...

Despite all my rage, I'm still just a rat in a cage, Pauline...

Alternatively, I'm gonna break my rusty cage... and run.


Pauline said...

Why am I not surprised, Scott? You know, coffee grounds can be read just like tea leaves and I'm told that a heart at the bottom of your cup indicates a loving nature. If there are dots around the heart, you might come into money given generously as well. I hope you do!

Timmy! ~ stop humming to yourself and get back to work :)