Friday, November 4, 2011

Vendredi: Cartomancy Tricks

When you are learning a new skill, whether it be riding a bike without training wheels or driving an 18 gear semi, it’s good to have a few at-a-glance tricks to help you master the subtle stuff more quickly.  Reading cards is the same way.  It can be pretty daunting to try to get a feel for the querent, open your psychic centers, remember which spread to use and keep the meanings of the cards in the front of your mind through the entire process.  No wonder so many experienced practitioners recommend a hot beverage and a bite to eat after a reading; you do need to recharge.

There are a couple of relatively consistent rules that you can check for in a spread before you begin to delve into the individual meanings of each card.  These will often give you a clear idea of what your querent is asking about as far as the reading is concerned.  While nothing with regard to divination is ever set in stone, these points are a great compass for a reading, particularly when you are just starting out.

If you see many of an individual suit in a spread, the following will probably hold true about the reading:

Clubs: Change
Hearts: Love, generosity
Spades: Strife
Diamonds: Political or financial action

By many, I was taught that you should have at least one third of any suit turn up in a reading (no matter how few cards are laid out) for the general conditions above to hold true.

On the other hand, a number of any given types of cards can also point to a trend in a reading.  By types I mean number or face cards and you should see at least three of the same type pop up before thinking about the following correspondences:

Aces: power and attainment
Twos: reorganization and assembly (usually of living condition or goals)
Threes: perseverance through trouble
Fours: calm determination
Fives: conflicts coming to a head with resolution on the horizon
Sixes: satisfactions and rewards
Sevens: uncertain arrangements (may involve personal, professional or spiritual issues)
Eights: travel, change
Nines: increased involvement (in any area of the querent’s life, not just relationships)
Tens: major business/professional activity
Jacks: fresh ideas and/or rapid movement
Queens: influential friends
Kings: contacts with power (people, business, government, etc.)

Since “many” of the same type of card means more than three, the general rule is that these indications do not apply for quick readings.  Pay attention, however, if you get three of the same type of card in a three-card spread.  That is a powerful indication indeed.

Thus, after 57 posts, Cartomancy Friday is put to bed.  I hope you’ve at least enjoyed it.  Now on to the next thing, as they say. 

Header: La Marchande d’Illusion by Claude Verlinde via Old Paint ~ this painting, whose title translates roughly to The Delusion Vendor, stands as an excellent lesson to both reader and querent alike


Timmy! said...

I definitely enjoyed it, Pauline. Not that I'm at all objective, but still...

Pauline said...

Thanks; now I'll have to find something else to get up to around here of a Friday.

Angel Malaquez said...

I love this tarot thing