Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jeudi: Root Work

It's Thanksgiving here in the country where I was born and I will step up straight away and say I have much to be thankful for.  I have a wonderful family, a cozy home, reliable transportation, good health and the best dog in the world.  Really, beyond enough to eat – which I am also blessed with – what else is there?

All that said, this time of year carries exceptional burdens and many of them are unfortunately linked to finances.  The so called Holidays loom large and, if you are like me, the expectation of giving is beyond the reality of budget.  Thankfully (there’s that word again) real need is a powerful tool in magick.  Tomorrow, coincidently, is not only the start of the Holiday season but a brand new moon (the birth of the Long Night Moon in Wicca).  That makes it the perfect time for a money-drawing working to get you through the “season of giving” with a little extra cash to spare.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 green candle
Olive oil
Sea or Kosher salt
Peridot or olivine chips or sand (optional)
Green fabric square
Gold or yellow embroidery floss, ribbon or thread

While concentrating on or even stating aloud your need for money, dress your candle with olive oil.  The olive is a symbol of prosperity as is the color green.  Make a ritual of this and have a clear picture of your need in your mind.  If it will help, go through your finances and write down a reasonable figure on a scrap of paper using green ink if possible.  Place this under your candle on a plate or candle holder.

Once your candle is anointed and set in a safe container, ring it with a thick band of salt.  Salt, which was once as valuable as gold, draws money.  You can add peridot chips or olivine chips/sand to the salt if you like.  The green color of the stones is also money-drawing; the debate is ongoing as to whether or not they are actually the same stone.  Peridot chips in particular are easy to find at craft stores like Michael’s.  The stone chips are not at all necessary to the success of this working, however; if you’re in a real bind, just plane table salt will work equally well.

Once your ring of salt/stones is complete, light the candle with intention.  Again, speak out loud about your need if you like; the universe will hear you if your thoughts/words are sincere.  Let the candle burn down and out in a safe place away from flammable objects.  Remember to keep it in your sights.  If you like, you can meditate on wealth and your thankfulness for what you have already been given as the flame burns.

When the candle is out and cool, save any remaining wax in a plastic bag.  Then collect the salt/stone ring in your fabric square.  Green fabric is nice but white fabric will work just as well.  Bundle up the ends of the fabric and tie the bundle securely with thread or ribbon, using three knots to bind the tie.  Carry your bundle with you, in your purse or pocket, throughout the season. 

When your need is fulfilled, thank your spirits and bury the bundle, along with any wax from the candle, in your yard or in a flower pot to keep the prosperity coming your way in the new year. 

Happy Thanksgiving and bonne chance ~

Header: Jeanne d’Arc Finding the Sword of St. Catherine de Fierbois by Miles W. Mathis


Timmy! said...

I hope it works, Pauline...

Pauline said...

In all honesty, when you are dealing with magick hope has no weight. Only intention will see you through. Ergo: it will work.