Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mercredi: Herbal-Wise

Cubeb, also known as Tailed Pepper, is an originally Asian plant now cultivated largely in Sumatra.  The plant had spread all over the world by the 17th century and was then considered by the Catholic Church as a necessary ingredient in incenses used to drive away incubi, succubae and when performing exorcisms.  This belief may have come directly from China, where Tang Dynasty physicians used cubeb to “cure demon vapors”.

In Wicca, according to Scott Cunningham, the berries are used in “love sachets and spells”.  The herb is used similarly in hoodoo, with the plant being called Love Berry by many root workers.  It is thought that using the plant in mojos and baths can spark a woman’s passion and make a man receptive regardless of the gender of the person working the trick.  Cubeb is powerful stuff so use it with care.

If you plan to go out on the town – or just in to work – with the intention of attracting a new love, prepare a warm bath and toss in a handful of cubeb berries.  Soak for a while and imagine the traits you would most like in a lover.  When you’re done, allow your skin to dry naturally.  Reserve some of the bath water and berries and sprinkle them around your home, including your front stoop.  You will soon meet someone attractive and attracted to you.  Bonne chance ~

Header: The Lady and the Captain by John Ward Dunsmore c 1900


Timmy! said...

Well, I won't be needing that anytime soon, Pauline...

But good to know, I guess.


Pauline said...

Yeah; it's nice not to have to worry about that kind of thing anymore.