Friday, October 7, 2011

Vendredi: Jack of Diamonds

As we’ve discussed before, the Jack of any Suit can represent a young man, a young woman or more infrequently a warning or need in the querent’s life. 

In the case of the Jack of Diamonds, the person most generally indicated is a studious, responsible young man.  He has a keen intellect and may serve as a counselor or tutor to the querent.  This young man is often very introverted, and the querent may be the key – either as a friend or as something more intimate – to pulling him out of his shell.  In some situations, the Jack of Diamonds may represent the bearer of good news which is often about money.

If a young woman is indicated, she is creative, happy and sincere.  She may be a person who can influence the querent for the better.  In some cases, she has a business proposition – usually involving the arts in some way – that will bring good things to the querent.

When none of these people sound in any way familiar to your querent, the card may be counseling the need for patience and practicality, particularly where money is concerned.  Vendredi heureux ~

Header: Jack of Clubs from a circa 1945 Bicycle deck


Knickertwist said...

Just curious, do you do readings?

Pauline said...

I do. I try to keep a hand in during lean times by reading for my daughters. At ages 14 and 12, they don't always want to hear it though - especially from Mom. Good thing our Saint Bernard will sit still and pretend to listen for quite a long while :)

Timmy! said...

..."the need for patience and practicality, particularly where money is concerned"...

Now that is something I could definitely use, Pauline.

Pauline said...

In all fairness, even the most wealthy among us probably could.