Friday, October 21, 2011

Vendredi: King of Diamonds

It was one year and three weeks ago that I began HQ with a post on divination with playing cards.  Now things have almost come full circle in our every Friday cartomancy jaunt with the King of Diamonds.  At least from my perspective, time has truly flown.

This card predictably represents a man in the querent’s life.  He is even tempered, reliable and invariably a success at business whether it be industry, speculation or land.  His gifts for mathematics and finances are unparalleled; I once heard a skilled card reader refer to the person represented by this card as “King Midas reborn”.

The gentleman in question is a monogamous man.  He is either married or in a long term relationship and happily so.  Generally this is a good indication as the man in question is a father, uncle, brother or sometimes mentor to the querent.  They can learn a lot from this man and should literally absorb his advice like a sponge.

On very unusual occasions, though, this card pops up next to the Seven of Hearts.  In this case your querent has no familial relation to this person and is usually a subordinate to them at work or in a scholastic environment.  Regardless of their gender, the querent is trying very hard to catch the eye of their King of Diamonds and lure them away from their domestic situation.  Counseling your querent in this situation is vital, even if they deny that anything is going on.  They are deluding themselves and are in for trouble that my draw this unfortunate man down with them.

If no gentleman of this ilk is indicated according to your discussion with person you are reading for, the card may indicate that the querent is headed for financial success.  Check the cards nearby; many from the Suit of Diamonds are a good indication of this.

And so we end with the cards.  All that’s left is the mopping up, so to say.  Next week we’ll look at another divinatory spread and the following week we’ll discuss some quick tricks to help you look at a spread and easily spot the major themes therein.  Vendredi heureux ~

Header: King of Diamonds from an early 20th century deck now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art


Timmy! said...

I think I know who this person would be for me, Pauline...

Pauline said...

Yep; most of us do.