Thursday, October 27, 2011

Jeudi: Root Work

For centuries, the spirits of various beliefs have been entreated to send prophetic dreams.  Sometimes the desired knowledge is simply what will become of us but sometimes it is more specific: a future spouse, the outcome of a business deal, the best path to take.  Halloween has always been a time to practice this sort of divination because of the prevailing belief that the veil between the worlds is most thin at the turn of the year.  For the Celts – and to some extent for those of us affected by their ancient wisdom – October 31 marks the beginning of a New Year.

I believe that pleasant dreams are a year round privilege; if they happen to give us a glimpse of the future, so much the better.  That said, why not take advantage of the Halloween mojo, if you will, and make mojo bags to help the dreams of your loved ones as the wheel turns once again?  This is an easy working that I encourage my kids to do for themselves.  It’s a wonderful introduction to applying concentration and intention to help achieve a goal.  Here’s what you’ll need:

Small, drawstring bags in any color and material that appeals to you.  These are easily found in craft stores these days; just be sure to cleanse the “store-bought” versions with a dab of holy water or an extra pinch of sea salt before you begin.  You can also make your own bags, of course.  The easiest kinds of mojo bags are, in fact, no more than a square of fabric filled with ingredients then bundled up and tied with ribbon or thread.  You will want a bag/bundle that will fit comfortably in a pillow case or under a pillow.

Dried lavender
Whole cloves
Dried rosemary leaves
Dried rose petals or a whole rosebud
Sea salt

Mix all your herbs together in a bowl.  How much of each herb with depend on your intention and how many mojos you are making.  The lavender will impart restful sleep, the cloves protect from nightmares and call upon ancestors, rosemary also protects (especially women) and draws prosperity; the rose petals/buds attract dreams of love.  A pinch of sea salt in each mojo will help ground the dreamer and encourage them to make wise decisions in their waking life.

Take some time to yourself, listen to music or light a candle if you like, sit down and deliberately fill your mojo bags with your chosen ingredients.  Imagine the people you care for both enjoying and benefitting from their dreams today, tomorrow and always.  Be sure to make yourself a dream mojo as well; you’ve earned it.

When they’re done, put the mojo bags in a box or cupboard where they won’t be disturbed.  Distribute them to your family and friends on or near Halloween.  They can use them all year, and then burn or bury them the following Halloween.  Either include instructions on making the mojo with your gift, or make new ones yourself the next year.  A votre sant√© ~

Header: A Veil by Louis W. Hawkins via Old Paint


Timmy! said...

Dreams of love are (almost) always nice, Pauline...


Pauline said...

"Almost always"... good one.